Are you being targeted by online harassment?

The Internet, and social media platforms in particular, have become a critical space for civil society members and organizations, especially for women, LGBTIQ people, and other minorities, to express themselves and make their voices heard. But at the same time, they have also become spaces where these groups are easily targeted for expressing their views. Online violence and abuse denies women, LGBTIQ persons, and many other unprivileged people the right to express themselves equally, freely, and without fear.

Online violence and abuse has many different forms, and malicious entities can often rely on impunity, also due to a lack of laws that protect victims of harassment in many countries, but most of all because protection strategies need to be tweaked creatively depending on what kind of attack is being launched.

It is therefore important to identify the typology of the attack targeting you to decide what steps can be taken.

This section of the Digital First Aid Kit will walk you through some basic steps to plan how to get protected against the attack you are suffering.

If you are targeted by online harassment, follow this questionnaire to identify the nature of your problem and find possible solutions.